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The following links will take you through to the relevant pages on the HMRC website for up to date figures:

Tax credits, Child Benefit and Guardian's Allowance

Rates, thresholds and allowances for tax credits, Child Benefit and Guardian's Allowance


VAT rates, thresholds, fuel scale charges and exchange rates

Rates and thresholds for employers

Current thresholds and rates for PAYE, NICs, Statutory Payments, mileage payments, National Minimum Wage, student loan repayments

Taxes, National Insurance and Stamp Taxes

Rates for Income Tax, how much National Insurance should I be paying? How much is Corporation Tax? Do I pay Capital Gains Tax? Inheritance Tax forms and Stamp duty Taxes

Pensions and savings

Rates and allowances for pensions and savings

Import and export

Codes and reference numbers for the import and export systems including CFSP, CHIEF, Intrastat, NES and the Tariff

Environmental taxes

Rates of tax for Aggregates Levy, Climate Change Levy and Landfill Tax

Excise duties, Air Passenger Duty, Insurance Premium Tax and others
Travel - mileage and fuel allowances

Charges and allowances for company cars and vans

Exchange rates

Current and historical foreign rates of exchange

Departmental interest rates

Interest rates applying on late or early payments across all tax regimes

Rates and Allowances Archive

Look here for earlier years